Be What You Need

Father’s Day can be a hard day for us fellas because statistics say that a lot of us don’t have out fathers in our lives. We’re being raised by single mothers who do the best they can to raise boys, into men. But we all know the truth is, only a man can teach you what it means to be a man. As hard as our mothers might try, they don’t replace a father.

But I want to encourage you to take a hard look at the things you missed out in your life because your father wasn’t there when you needed him. I understand. I’ve been there too. After you take that hard look, write down those things you wish you had in your life. List them in the order of how important they are to you. What is it? What did you miss?

After you make that list, look at your life. Do you see where you learned those things from other places? Maybe you learned the right way from a mentor, an uncle, or your Pastor. It’s time for the real men to stand up. It’s easy to make excuses about what you didn’t have but what happens to the young men of the future if no one ever stands up? There will be more fatherless homes with boys running around pretending to be men.

You can be what you needed when you seek out another man that’s living what you need. It’s hard to be what you’ve never seen, I know, but let’s make the effort to find a community of men that will help us be more like Christ. Someone just like you, needs you!

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