New Year, New Man

You probably saw the title and though “nah, I’m good” but trust me…it’s worth the read.

The first month of 2017 has already passed us by and the older I get, the more I realize that time really waits for no man. Time doesn’t hear you saying “I’ll do better next week, next month, next year”. Time keeps moving whether you move with it or not. Fellas, life is all about the choices we make with the time we’ve been given and because none of us are going to live forever, we have to be responsible for the moments we have on this earth.

My wife always tells me that complacency is a thief and I agreed with her, up until I realized that applied to me too. Most of 2016 was a year that I just coasted through. I thought because I had made so many drastic changes when I rededicated my life to Christ that everything else would be easy. What I didn’t understand was that there was still more that I needed to do, to surrender. I don’t mean just doing stuff just be doing it! I mean being who God says you are and doing those things He made you to do.

This ain’t about New Year’s Resolutions and hitting the gym because it’s the beginning of the year. This is about growing from who you used to be and understanding the moment you stop growing, you’ve died. Man, we all have a purpose. We were made to lead but good leaders never get lazy in developing. That’s what I tell the guys on the court. You won’t ever get better, if you don’t get better!

So, what is it that you’ve let pass you by because you aren’t willing to put in the work to get it? Is it a better relationship with God? Your wife? Your kids? The church? I know what I need to work on, starting today because I don’t want another new year to pass me by the same way I am today.


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