New Year, New Hires!

Studies show that most Americans search for new employment opportunities at certain times of the year. One of those times is the transition into a new year. What does this mean for you as an employer? This is a time for you to shine!

If you haven’t already, take some time looking at your new hire process and your onboarding strategy. Do you have systems in place that make working for you and learning your organizational culture an art or an enigma? 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months (Checknita, 2012). While some of this turnover is due to the attitudes of the staff, it’s extremely important that employers understand their role in this. Could it be that the attitudes of the new employees can be attributed to the ineffectiveness of the new hire process and onboarding strategy your agency utilizes?

A few tips to consider:

1. Does my new hire process and onboarding strategy reflect the culture of our organization and the competency of the staff we desire to employ?

2. What message does our process communicate to newly hired staff?

3. Do we follow up with staff after they have completed their onboarding?

4. Are we taking the feedback we receive from new hires and applying it to the current processes we have in place?

5. Is the system we are currently using the best one to continue to use?

First impressions are lasting impressions and the impact you make on new staff is of the utmost importance. It’s difficult to retain staff that you didn’t get the buy-in from during their first 90 days of work. Be encouraged, positive change is just one decision away!

References: Checknita, J. (2012). 46% of New Hires Fail Within the First 18 Months: Why Hiring for Attitude Will Help.

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