They’re Just Not That Into You

With unemployment rates continuing to be at their lowest in decades, that means that there are more opportunities than qualified applicants available. Job seekers are able to weigh their options and determine what employer best suits their needs. For job seekers, that’s GREAT news but if you’re one of those employers that don’t suit their needs that’s TERRIBLE news for you.

Step 1 is in recruiting good talent but step 2 is in hiring that talent to become part of your workforce. So many great organizations are missing out on amazing clients because they aren’t able to sell themselves to those rock star candidates. You get responses such as “I accepted another opportunity” or “this position just wasn’t a fit” and you’re flabbergasted because you only contacted those candidates that would be the missing piece in your organization. What happened?

Well, they’re just not that into you.

Not you, as a person, normally but you, as an organization. When you took them on a tour of your facilities (you did do a tour, didn’t you?) did their eyes light up when you showed them where their workstation would be? As you explained the “other duties as assigned” on their job description, did their mouth water? Did your social media pages for your company spark their attention about all of the great things you’re doing in 2017 and beyond? No? Are they checking their own social media and glancing at their watch to see how much of their time you’ve wasted? Yes? Well here’s why.

You thought you were just going to interview them and ask all of the questions and wait for the candidate to tell you why they would be a great asset to your company. You though the applicant would be so thrilled to even be chosen for an interview that they would just blow your socks off. While you aren’t wrong, you aren’t right either. Your applicants are interviewing you and your company just as much, if not more, than you’re interviewing them. This doesn’t mean that they will have questions to ask at the end of the interview because the way you treated them and what you showed them speaks much louder than the rehearsed answers you have to their questions. They are looking for the same things you’re looking for but most of all, they want to know if they fit in the place you have available for them.

It’s like that awkward first date where both parties are wanting it to work badly so they don’t have to go on any more of these stupid things but are also hypersensitive to not commit to something that they don’t see working long term. Most people leave jobs within the first 6 months because they are still entertaining other options even after they’ve accepted your offer.

How do you beat other organizations when good applicants have so many to choose from? Set yourself apart from everyone else by getting to know the person beyond the resume. When you/your secretary calls them to come in for an interview ask questions about what they’re looking for in an employer. Where do they see themselves in 5 years? Ask those questions before they even show up for an in-person interview so you can know what to show them when they are sitting in your office. When people apply for a job, they are able to see what the job is about but very few get to see what the company and their Senior Staff are about.

Just like you want applicants to prepare for an interview, you should do the same. The more “into” them you seem, the more “into” you they will be! Show your applicants that they are important enough to you to use their time wisely and not treating them like a checkbox on your to-do list. What you tell them in the interview is how you will treat them once they get hired. So, tell me, how into you would YOU be if you went through an interview with YOU?

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