Boys Will be Boys

Being a man is becoming unpopular.

That might be hard to believe because it seems like there are men everywhere. But that’s not true. The male species is not declining but those who go from boys to men is drastically decreasing. Men are no longer encouraged to take responsibility for the choices they make, the children they father, and the women they claim to love. Now, there are more and more messages that tell boys to stay boys: forget about your wife, you can have a mistress; your children don’t need you in their lives; quit your job when your boss makes you mad!

The overwhelming idea of remaining a boy has become attractive to many over the age of 18. Why? Because women are trying to do their best raising men. In 2016, the amount of boys raised in a home with a single mother has skyrocketed. As great of a job that women can do, their best efforts don’t replace the wisdom that boys learn from great men. With the percentage of single parent homes expecting to increase over the next decade, this trend may continue if we don’t do something about it.

We need men to stand up and stand in the gap for our boys. We need to take the time to give them what we may never have had growing up. When you take your life experiences, the lessons you learned, and the things you wish someone had told you and give those to a boy who needs them, you are helping him go from boyhood to manhood. Men need to know more than how to use their anatomy; even animals don’t have to be taught that. They need to really understand how to lead, follow, and be everything they were created to be. Without other men to show them the way, how can head in the right direction?

With the help of a few good men in a few strategic places, we can make a difference!

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