As a Corporate Speaker, Chante has assisted organizations in Strategic Planning, Reorganization, Culture Revitalization, and Handling Unacceptable Employee Behavior. Her balanced approach to delivering challenging information has allowed for a seamless transition to new systems and software in large and small organization. Her experience with facilitating training and coaching sessions has proven to be beneficial for several companies.

Her passion to see individuals doing what gives them purpose, has fueled a thriving career-coaching program that ranges from resume-writing and mock interviews to recruitment and retention services for her clients. Chante provides client assessments and on-going career search techniques to assist her clients throughout their career life cycle.



Chante Truscott provides high quality, advanced, specialized, and administrative services in the Human Resources arena. She is able to advise individual clients and the “C-Suite” of organizations on the formulation, implementation, and roll-out of plans, policies, and procedures for human resources activities. Her services ensure compliance, excellence, and confidentiality for all clients. Her portfolio of products and services assist in the development of initiatives that can compile and analyze date for reports and special projects.





Career Coaching and Counseling

HR Operation Management

Staff Training Development

Transition Specialist

Specializing in Small Non Profits and Churches

Specializing in Customer Service

Specializing in Organizational Change

Corporate Speaker

Specializing in Corporate Culture and Leadership

Job Readiness