Our Team
Chante Truscott of Truscott Enterprises
Louis Truscott, Chief Program Officer


Chante Truscott, CEO


Shukriyah Thomas, Director of Development


Lillian Brown, Creative Director


Mia Randall, Leadership and Development Coordinator 


Truscott Enterprises

We are a global organization that offers a premium portfolio of products and services across several platforms including sports, coaching & consulting, inspiration, and service with in-person, mobile, and Web-based access points. Our mission is to transform the worlds of sports, empowerment, and corporate culture through a unique, faith-filled, practical approach.


Truscott Enterprises is a collaborative effort of Louis and Chante Truscott that helps guide their clients in different aspects of their lives. Their joint ventures have allowed them to reach a broader audience and expand their influence for the betterment of their clientele. This unique mix of their skills, education, and experience provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those who allow Truscott Enterprises to serve them.



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Tretta Bush

Entrepreneur | Accountant | Women’s Wealth Advocate


For nearly a decade Tretta Bush has been a sought Managerial Accountant specializing in small business operations. Her expertise in accounting, tax strategy, and operations has allowed her to successfully service a plethora of diverse businesses. Her roster of clients range from church leaders to benchmarking CEOs and their annual earnings have ranged from $30K to over $100M. But it was Tretta’s personal experience with crippling debt that started the next leg of her journey.

As a recent college graduate earning well above the average salary, she found herself under a mountain of consumer debt.  In order to forge her way to financial freedom, she created a financial plan that delivered her from the trenches of debt in less than 3 years. It was there that her life’s mission became abundantly clear and she set about positioning herself to teach her methodology to others who shared a similar path. Her calling was to empower others to create a life free from financial bondage; this idea gave birth to her consulting firm, Tretta Bush & Associates.

Tretta’s financial prowess has been featured in ESSENCE , and she has appeared on MSN.com, Experian.com, and CNBC as a financial expert. Tretta has also carried a weekly segment on the Stellar Award Winning Radio 1000 offering practical tips on how to live a full life while being financially responsible.

Now, as a personal finance educator, Tretta uses personal mantra of “Building Wealth In My Stilettos" to drive home her commitment to being spiritually grounded, fabulous, and wealthy!