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Truscott Enterprises

We are a global organization that offers a premium portfolio of products and services across several platforms including sports, coaching & consulting, inspiration, and service with in-person, mobile, and Web-based access points. Our mission is to transform the worlds of sports, empowerment, and corporate culture through a unique, faith-filled, practical approach.


Truscott Enterprises is a collaborative effort of Louis and Chante Truscott that helps guide their clients in different aspects of their lives. Their joint ventures have allowed them to reach a broader audience and expand their influence for the betterment of their clientele. This unique mix of their skills, education, and experience provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those who allow Truscott Enterprises to serve them.



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Tretta Bush

Entrepreneur | Accountant | Women’s Wealth Advocate


For nearly a decade Tretta Bush has been a sought Managerial Accountant specializing in small business operations. Her expertise in accounting, tax strategy, and operations has allowed her to successfully service a plethora of diverse businesses. Her roster of clients range from church leaders to benchmarking CEOs and their annual earnings have ranged from $30K to over $100M. But it was Tretta’s personal experience with crippling debt that started the next leg of her journey.

As a recent college graduate earning well above the average salary, she found herself under a mountain of consumer debt.  In order to forge her way to financial freedom, she created a financial plan that delivered her from the trenches of debt in less than 3 years. It was there that her life’s mission became abundantly clear and she set about positioning herself to teach her methodology to others who shared a similar path. Her calling was to empower others to create a life free from financial bondage; this idea gave birth to her consulting firm, Tretta Bush & Associates.

Tretta’s financial prowess has been featured in ESSENCE , and she has appeared on MSN.com, Experian.com, and CNBC as a financial expert. Tretta has also carried a weekly segment on the Stellar Award Winning Radio 1000 offering practical tips on how to live a full life while being financially responsible.

Now, as a personal finance educator, Tretta uses personal mantra of “Building Wealth In My Stilettos" to drive home her commitment to being spiritually grounded, fabulous, and wealthy! 


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